Welcome to our blog. It will follow the development of our garden from quagmire, after completion of our self-build, to a garden that reflects our eco-friendly principles. We are wanting to create a garden that meets our needs as a family but is also a wildlife friendly zone. Well that's what we are hoping, time will tell if we are successful.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sad times down the garden path

 This year has not been so good on the vegetables front but we did manage to grow red hot chilli peppers!
 A few sunflowers survived the drought.
Overall, the garden is still quite dry.
 These were once lawn areas. You may notice that the summer house has turned green...
 Unfortunately, so has our pond...with blanket weed.

There are lots of these tall yellow flowers
But little else in the wild bed. It is quite disappointing but I will try again next spring.

The sweetcorn has survived

and so have the potatoes, a few tomatoes and the apples are growing again, here are a few windfalls..

It is with great sadness that I have to report about the sudden illness and loss of Omlette. I'm not sure what affected her so badly, perhaps she was egg bound, perhaps it was something else.

It is not the same without her, she will be missed. I am trying to remember her during better times.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

July update

July has been a bit quiet in the garden. We went away on holiday and found most of it had died when we returned. The vegetables were all brown and shrivelled. There were only a few flowers in the wild bed. In fact the garden hasn't looked so bare in a long time...
I have found it difficult to find the time to do much this year. Thankfully the chickens mean that I'm always in the garden, although it's usually on a rescue mission to stop them. This is when they've had their wings clipped too! 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summer is here

 Despite the unreliable weather, we can safely say Summer has arrived. The front garden has transformed to its blues and whites as the tulips gave way to the graceful Alliums and Johnston's Blue Geraniums. The Viburnum plicatum that was planted last year has survived.
 I'm pleased that the front door looks more welcoming now with its soft mass of flowers.

The back garden has also transformed itself. The purple flowers are on very tall stems. I think they may be purple loosestrife, but I'm not sure as I planted lots of seeds last year but they are taller than me.

 Other plants that have emerged are the red hot pokers

The Smoke bush



Let me know if you can name these flowers...

Witch hazel 

The yellow one I've been told is Kerria japonica.

Meanwhile, other parts of the garden are also flourishing, the pond is mostly covered with Lily pads. The dog has found lots of black frogs in there (and eaten the reeds). The good thing is that there is now not such a problem with green water as the sun doesn't encourage the algae to grow.

The chickens are still happy. They have had their feathers clipped again (although one still does it's daily flight over the fence) and are still laying on average 2 eggs a day. 

They still love their spinach, even though you can see from this photo that it has bolted. 

The wildflower bed is looking colourful, even though the weeds and grasses are taking over.

So the garden has gone from nearly bare...

to green...
 ...to needing a good mow!

So this has been a very good month for the garden, despite not managing much gardening time. I hope July brings more sun.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Life is back in colour

Hooray! Spring has sprung and almost as immediately became Summer. Not sure how long it will last but it's been fabulous for the garden. The front garden has come to life and looks even brighter than last year. I love those red tulips but again an errant yellow one has appeared...

In the back garden, the tulips are also blooming. Along with a few daffodils

They look very bright and cheerful, especially next to the grape hycinths and bluebells. The white chairs beckon me for a lovely morning cup of coffee.

The Rhododendrons that I repotted last year are doing well, despite looking too big for the largest plastic pots I could find.

There are some other plants beginning to blossom. I'm not sure if this is 'Bride in Summer', but I was given this one from a lovely lady via Freecycle...

The Anemones St. Brigid have survived the worst of the dog's digging...
The Rosemary is doing well, despite being a hiding place for Rosie's toys

 The Amelanchii is really taking shape and this yellow shrub looks great. 

Occasionally, there is a sight that reminds me that it is very much an urban garden.
Sadly, time constraints have not allowed time for the vegetable garden.

 Thankfully, the apple trees are starting to come back to life.

 Meanwhile one of the hens keeps escaping (Big Bird) and the others want to be let out too.

So overall, things are full of life again and with lovely blue skies, the sun smiling at us, it looks another busy Summer ahead. Anyone like weeding?