Welcome to our blog. It will follow the development of our garden from quagmire, after completion of our self-build, to a garden that reflects our eco-friendly principles. We are wanting to create a garden that meets our needs as a family but is also a wildlife friendly zone. Well that's what we are hoping, time will tell if we are successful.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's a hens life...

 January continued to bite, only The Mother was able to brave the snow for corn. She was happy because she didn't have to share.
 The weeding was still on hold in the front garden.
The big thaw did eventually happen and perversely, the pond is looking relatively clear despite lots of debris.

 The Hellibores think its Spring

as does the Witch Hazel

and this plant that I repotted last year.

In the front garden the Magnolia Stellata is in bud again, marking another year.

I could not bring myself to prune the Cornus alba with its gorgeous red wood.

Finally, the weeds are in remission in the front garden...

and the tulips are growing.

but the chickens are the most happy that the snow has gone (for now) and are giving us an egg a day.