Welcome to our blog. It will follow the development of our garden from quagmire, after completion of our self-build, to a garden that reflects our eco-friendly principles. We are wanting to create a garden that meets our needs as a family but is also a wildlife friendly zone. Well that's what we are hoping, time will tell if we are successful.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Things have been very busy in the garden since the arrival of Nick and the digger. The neighbour was wondering why we were recreating a battlefield, digging trenches in the mud, but it has to look worse before it looks better.

The skip is filling quickly as Nick gets to work removing the matted lawn and vigorously growing weeds.

 We weren't sure but this plant turned up in the garden - could it be Audrey from little shop of horrors? No, fortunately it is a large pink poppy.

Now the garden is flat, our cunning plan can be started.

This is the original plan for the garden. It is great to see things taking shape and evolving as the ground is worked.

The two circles and the S-shaped path are started.
The wooden gravel boards are put in place. This involved making them wet so they could bend around the curves of the path.

The type 1 is whackered in place on the path.

In the foreground, the left over edging from the front garden is used to separate what will be veggie patch from the rest of the garden.

Meanwhile, the green pond is looking more sophisticated. Nick has used the rocks gathered from the garden and from kind Freecyclers to create an edge for the patio. The granite sets were also left over from the original garden and have been re-used to edge the patio and gravel areas as well as create a bed for the smoke bush. We have a small area of sandstone that matches the front path. The ony thing that is missing is the bistro table and chair set!